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Mandatory Disclosure

Mandatory Disclosure

Members of the Governing Board of Ballarpur Institute of Technical Campus BALLARPUR - 442 701

Sr.No Name Designation in the Society Profession
1 Mr. BabasahebSonbajiWasade Chairman Educationist
2 MrSanjayWasade Secretary Educationist
3 Mr. VijayWasade Member Educationist
4 Mr. Gaurav Jain Member Industrialist
5 Mr. VishwasChaknalwar Member Businessman
6 Mr. PrashantWasade Member Entrepreneur
7 Mr. Anil Rathi Member Charted Accountant
8 Dr. Ajay Wasade Member Doctor
9 Nomine of All India Council for Technical Education Regional Officer    
10 Mr. BalchandraChopne Member Educationist
11 Mr. Shankar Mandlia Member Industrialist
12 Representative from State Board of Technical Education    
13 Nominee of the Affiliating Body/University/State Board of Technical Education    
14 An Industrialist/technologist/educationist from the Region nominated by the State Government    
15 Dr. M. Basavaraj Member Secretary Director(Technical Campus)
16 Mr.PrafulKakde Faculty Member Staff(Engineering)
17 Mr.ShekharGawande Faculty Member Staff(Engineering)
18 Mr. Manish Tiwari Faculty Member Principal (Polytechnic)
19 Mr. DilipSoni Faculty Member HOD, Science(Polytechnic)


Sr No Name of the Member Designation Contact No.
1 Mr. Sanjay Wasade Secretary 9823047225
2 Dr. M. Basavaraj Principal 9503449171
4 Mr. PrabhakarJadhav Police Dept 9552801297
5 Mr. Harish M. Gedam Ex. Chairman of NGO 9422153250
3 Mr. Avinash Wasade Member 7744883311
4 Mr. AniruddhaGhache Member (Techaning Staff) 8180830907
5 Mr. PrafulKakade Member (Techaning Staff 9765000192
6 Mrs. LeenaNarang Member(NonTeachingStaff) 9373395515
7 Mr. PramodKarebian Member(NonTeachingStaff 9011046415


Sr No Name of the Member Designation CONTACT
1 Mrs. Deepa Bhattacharya Assistant Professor 8624046558
2 Mrs. Agatha Joseph Assistant Professor 9921045976
3 Mrs. Mandaokar Assistant Professor 9765000192
4 Mrs. SarvasatiSahu Assistant Professor 7218270222
5 Miss. GurpreetKaur Assistant Professor 9595935086


Sr No Name of the Member Designation
1 Miss. LeenaPotdukhe Administrator
2 Mrs. JayshreeMahore Assistant Professor
3 Prof. ShitalKumbhalkar Assistant Professor
4 Prof. ShivaniRasekar Assistant Professor
5 Prof. MrunaliVaidhay Assistant Professor